Crisis – October 2015

Humanity in it’s most delicate form can sometimes begin to fail. It seems that it is impossible to think about what it is that can flit around seeking moral and

Crisis II. 8
Crisis II. 8″ x 10″

judgmental means of looking into the great think tank, without concerning other people’s feelings of ardour and glamour. In a materialistic society, we can often feel like we are not feeling the agitation of the need for spontaneity and realize that those which feel like us don’t necessarily act like us. How dare you seek out someone else’s loved one, if one cannot surrealize those that will not feel love for one another, then those that can feel their love scoot away into the distant pass. However, whatever one chooses can then help those who can’t help to feel and to love in a grateful, artsy way.

Crisis IX. 8
Crisis IX. 8″ x 10″
Crisis I. 8
Crisis I. 8″ x 10″
Crisis IV. 8
Crisis IV. 8″ x 10″
Crisis V. 8
Crisis V. 8″ x 10″
Crisis VI. 8
Crisis VI. 8″ x 10″
Crisis III. 8
Crisis III. 8″ x 10″
Crisis VII. 8
Crisis VII. 8″ x 10″
Crisis VIII. 8
Crisis VIII. 8″ x 10″

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